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Spring Cleanups in Gilbert, Chandler, Mesa, AZ & Surrounding Cities

Our spring cleanups are a great step toward a manicured, great-looking property.

Spring is a great time to prepare your property for the growing season by tidying up any areas that may have gone a little wild during the winter. Our spring cleanup service will treat your property to a variety of tasks such as mowing, trimming bushes, pulling weeds, and removing debris. If you have a Palo Verde tree on your property, our leaf cleanup and removal service can be a valuable resource to rid your property of all those fallen flowers. Our cleanup services are available throughout the year so your property can stay looking great all year long.

We've been serving clients in Gilbert, Chandler, Mesa, and the surrounding areas of Arizona for 10 years. Call 480-264-5399 to treat your residential, commercial, or HOA property to our spring cleanup service or any of the other services we offer such as our leaf cleanup and removal.

Our spring cleanup is a great way to get your property looking its best.

Trimmed bushes in Mesa, AZ.

Our spring cleanup service will get your property looking great after the winter season is over. During our cleanups, we will manicure your property and make sure it looks its best by performing several tasks, including:

  • Trimming bushes - We can trim up your bushes to keep them looking nice and uniform.
  • Lawn mowing - We'll be sure to mow your grass to just the right height to give it a beautiful, manicured look.
  • Weed pulling - If there are any weeds present in your lawn or landscape beds, we will get rid of them!
  • Final cleaning/blowing - Once we are finished manicuring your property, we'll take one last pass with our leaf blower to make sure there are no lingering leaves, clippings, or debris left on your lawn or in your landscape beds.

We can also rake any granite in your landscape beds!

Take Advantage of Our Leaf Cleanup & Removal Service

Leaf removal serviced by Little John employee in Gilbert, AZ.

Spring is also a great time to schedule our leaf cleanup and removal service. As owners of properties that contain the ever-popular Palo Verde tree can attest, our leaf removal service can be a great way to clean your property when this beautiful desert-dweller sheds its flowers in the spring. As part of our leaf cleanup and removal service, we'll rake up all the fallen flowers and remove them from your property. So, all you'll be left with is a beautiful lawn.

Anytime is a great time to schedule our cleanup service!

Anytime is a great time to schedule a cleanup! While our cleanup services are always popular in the spring, we offer our cleanup service at any time throughout the year. When scheduling our cleanup services, we'll be able to perform any tasks that you need. Just let us know what type of services you need, and we'll make it happen!

Give us a call today to schedule our spring cleanup service.

If you are ready to get your property back into great shape after the winter season has ended, it's time to sign up for our spring cleanup service. At Little John's Lawns, we have been providing high-quality services to residential, commercial, and HOA property owners in Gilbert, Chandler, Mesa, AZ, and throughout the surrounding areas since 2012. Give us a call today at 480-264-5399 to schedule our spring cleanup service for your property today! We are standing by and ready to help you get the beautiful property that you deserve!