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Rock Installation Service in Gilbert, Chandler, Mesa, AZ, & Nearby Cities

If you feel like your landscape beds need a little something to finish their look, but you can’t exactly pinpoint it, we have just what you need. Our team installs rock ground coverings to provide your landscape with a stunning finishing look. The rocks we use are available in varying colors like red and brown to give your property a rustic appearance and transform it into a backyard oasis while remaining low-maintenance. Because rock ground coverings provide vital benefits for your plants, we use smaller rocks that have been screened thoroughly to ensure they are free from dirt. Give us a call if you have any questions about our rock installation service!

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Little John's Lawn service has been an excellent service provider for all our outdoor needs. The monthly yard maintenance teams are professional, friendly, and very competent. ...

Joseph Parker


We have had good reliable service from Little John’s for over 4 years. ... They took time for a detailed consultation and got our front yard shrubs looking great. We appreciate the professionalism shown today, particularly taking time to get it right. Nice work!

Debra A


Little Johns service is Amazing!! Adin and Nick did great job with my back yard and the trimming of my tree. I'm so grateful and thankful for this company and their amazing customer service as well as yard services! Again thank you so much Adin and Nick!

Kjay tha Barber


I had a concern and Little John’s came out and listened to my concerns. The next visit Jose and Armondo came out and did an excellent job. They listened and delivered. Great job.

Ronnie Hamilton

The Little John's 100% No-Risk Guarantee

Your satisfaction with our services is our number one priority. If you are not 100% satisfied with our work on your property, we will immediately send our team back out to fix the issue. If you’re still not happy with the results, we’ll pay a competitor of your choosing to fix it for you. We strongly believe in the quality of our services. Let us prove it to you!

More Info

Softscaping is the process of installing live and growing elements in your landscape, including flowers, trees, and shrubs. While the beauty and charm of plants are important, it’s also vital that your landscape has plantings and softscapes that can survive and thrive in their environment. Because of this, our crew at Little John’s Lawns uses plants adapted to the climate in Arizona for your landscape beds.
Here are some common plants we love to incorporate into our clients’ landscape designs:

The Rocks We Use for Your Landscape Beds

The last thing we want at Little John’s Lawns is for you to have a less-than-stellar landscape. You’ve got nothing to worry about when you hire us to install your rock ground coverings for your landscape beds. We’ve been providing superb services to properties in our area of Gilbert, AZ since 2012, so you can rely on us to do an outstanding job with your landscape beds.

Our rock installation service utilizes smaller rocks in these sizes:
You will want smaller rocks in one of these smaller sizes for your ground cover because they do a better job of suppressing weeds. Drainage may be slow with smaller rocks, but this means you can rest easy knowing water won’t dry up quickly and your plants will have sufficient moisture in our hot climate. Rocks also require little to no maintenance, so you can enjoy their beauty without putting in too much effort to keep them in good condition.

We make sure the rocks have been screened well to remove dirt and give you a clean and neat ground cover.

Our Rock Installations Will Blend Well With Your Existing Landscape Design

Rock ground coverings provide many benefits, such as weed suppression, moisture retention, soil temperature regulation, and erosion prevention. But you know that already. On top of all these, our landscape designers provide effortlessly beautiful rock installations that will blend well with your existing landscape design. That’s because the rocks we use are available in a variety of colors like red and brown.

Whether you want natural beauty or the decorative spin of a rustic and rugged appeal for your landscape beds, our rock installations can do that for you. We will also prepare your landscape beds before we carefully lay down the rocks. Our team will make sure the installation process won’t disturb your ornamental plants!

Call Our Team Today To Schedule Our Rock Installation Service!

The versatility that rock ground coverings provide is unmatched. Whether you need rocks for their practical benefits like suppressing weeds and retaining moisture, or you want to take advantage of their aesthetic element, we can install them for you. Our team at Little John’s Lawns provides rock installation service to commercial, residential, and HOA properties in Gilbert, Chandler, Mesa, AZ and surrounding communities. In every project, we make sure to leave our clients more than satisfied. Call us at today to schedule our rock installation service!

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