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Landscape Bed Weed Control in Gilbert, Chandler, Mesa, AZ & Nearby Areas

Our post-emergent landscape bed weed control service will keep weeds from taking over!

Rock mulch landscape bed without weeds in Chandler, AZ.

Weeds are annoying to deal with. They will take over your landscape beds and steal nutrients from your plants if they are left to themselves too long. We offer professional landscape bed weed control to help. When you sign up for our service, we will treat your landscape beds with our post-emergent weed-killing treatment. Our crew will hand-pull all the weeds out of your soil if they are 3 inches or taller and thoroughly spray any weeds if they are under 3 inches tall.

You can schedule our service anytime to keep your landscape beds free of weeds with our ongoing treatments. We also offer a rock installation service to insulate your soil with a ground cover. This will keep out the excess sunlight that weeds need in order to thrive and help reduce the number of weeds you see in your landscape beds. Our services are available in Gilbert, Chandler, Mesa, and nearby areas in Arizona.

How We Get Rid of Your Weeds

We will treat your landscape beds with our post-emergent herbicide. This liquid treatment is formulated with chemicals that will get rid of the weeds that have broken through your soil and keep new ones from surfacing. When we arrive at your property, our goal will be to hunt down and spray all of the weeds in your landscape beds that are under 3 inches tall. Once our crew takes care of things, your landscape beds will be free of weeds!

For larger weeds that are over 3 inches tall, our team will hand-pull them out of the soil.

When to Schedule Our Landscape Bed Weed Control Service

Our landscape bed weed control service is available all throughout the year, so you can schedule anytime. In this ongoing service, our crew will show up to your property multiple times a year to check on your landscape beds and treat them for weeds as needed. Continual treatment will help keep weeds at bay!

You can keep weeds out for good with a rock ground covering.

Rock mulch landscape bed with no weeds in Mesa, AZ.

Our experts will figure out the reason for the weeds in your landscape beds and create a plan to keep them out for good. However, one of the most common reasons for weeds is not having a proper ground covering in place. For this reason, we highly recommend that you schedule our rock installation service.

One of the many benefits of rock as a ground cover is that it will insulate your soil and keep out extreme sunlight. This will help prevent weeds from thriving and greatly reduce the number that you see in your landscape beds. If your plants are not maintained with a ground covering, it is likely that they are not strong enough to fight off weeds. This means that as the weeds continue to grow in your soil, they will continue stealing nutrients from your plants and will only make them weaker over time.

Call us today to schedule our landscape bed weed control service!

If you're tired of dealing with weeds in your landscape beds, then you can kick them out with our landscape bed weed control service! Our professionals will hand-pull and spray your weeds with each visit to keep your landscape beds free of pesky weeds. We offer our service in the Gilbert, AZ area, including Chandler and Mesa. Give us a call today at 480-264-5399 to schedule.