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Irrigation sprinklers watering a lawn in Chandler, AZ.

Irrigation & Sprinkler Services in Gilbert, Chandler, & Mesa, AZ

We install and repair irrigation systems to help keep your property healthy and lush.

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We offer irrigation and sprinkler services in Gilbert, Chandler, Mesa, and Queen Creek, AZ.

Our services include irrigation system installations and repairs.

Little John's Lawns irrigation work truck near Gilbert, AZ.

Irrigation systems make it easy to regularly water your lawn and landscape beds. If you are thinking about adding an irrigation system to your property or have an irrigation system that isn't working properly — then we can offer our assistance. At Little John's Lawns, we have provided professional irrigation system installation and repair services to the Gilbert, Chandler, Mesa, and Queen Creek, AZ areas since 2012 with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

We install both sprinkler and drip irrigation systems customized for your residential, commercial, or HOA property, in addition to repairing all of their components with our team of licensed technicians. We want you to enjoy an irrigation system that operates efficiently and keeps your property healthy and lush.

Irrigation Installation

Irrigation installation at a home in Mesa, AZ.

Irrigation systems provide your property with the water it needs to stay healthy and look its best. At Little John's Lawns, we install two types of irrigation systems to ensure your lawn and landscape beds receive ample hydration: sprinkler systems and drip irrigation systems.

Sprinkler systems use a series of strategically placed sprinkler heads to efficiently deliver water to your grass, plants, shrubs, and trees. The sprinklers routinely spray surrounding vegetation for pre-set time intervals, with water penetrating the soil and replenishing the underlying roots. Sprinkler systems allow you to quickly water broad patches of land without any hassle.

Drip irrigation systems perform best on a smaller scale and provide targeted hydration to plants, shrubs, and trees in landscape beds. Drip irrigation systems deliver water directly to plant roots through pipes that sit either on or below the ground's surface. The pipes contain small holes that "drip" water to precisely hydrate the plant roots.

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Our goal is to install high-quality irrigation systems that make your life easier and more enjoyable while removing the burden of manual watering.

Irrigation Repairs

Owner of Little John's Lawns providing irrigation repairs in Queen Creek, AZ.

We know that irrigation systems in Arizona get a lot of use throughout the year. You have to use sprinkler and drip irrigation systems frequently to keep your grass and plant life alive in the dry heat. While consistent usage is necessary, it can take a toll on your irrigation system and cause potential issues to arise. At Little John's Lawns, we provide a wide range of irrigation repair services to keep your systems operating efficiently at full capacity.

We have licensed technicians who are trained to service all types of irrigation systems, regardless of the brand or who performed the installation. Our technicians can inspect, diagnose, and fix just about any issue your irrigation system is experiencing. Parts of irrigation systems we commonly repair or replace include:

  • Sprinkler heads and nozzles
  • Drip emitter heads
  • Pipes
  • Valves
  • Controllers
  • Timers
  • Rain sensors and more

Your irrigation system may make it abundantly clear that it requires repair, or it may only convey subtle signs. Keep an eye out for high water bills, dead spots in your lawn, and areas of localized flooding on your property, as these can indicate irrigation system issues.

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Let us take care of all your irrigation needs! Call today.

If you are interested in installing an irrigation system on your property or have an irrigation system that requires repair, then Little John's Lawns is here for you. We provide comprehensive irrigation installation and repair services in the Gilbert, Chandler, Mesa, and Queen Creek, AZ areas. We can take care of all your irrigation needs to keep your property hydrated and healthy. Call us today at 480-264-5399 to schedule a consultation!