Your Guide to Having a Green Lawn Year-Round in Arizona

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Your Guide To Having A Green Lawn Year-Round In Arizona

A green lawn year-round in Arizona is possible. That is, if you know how to achieve it! Our team will let you in on the secret to achieving that. The answer is to plant two types of grass in your lawn: Bermudagrass and ryegrass. This way, while one is dormant, the other is thriving. Bermudagrass grows actively in the summer season and features exceptional heat and drought tolerance. When the weather gets cool and your Bermudagrass goes dormant, having ryegrass on your lawn will keep your turf looking verdant. This cool-season grass will make up for the dormant Bermudagrass.

These two types of grass will keep your lawn green year-round, but it's still crucial to take care of them with a good lawn care regimen. Keep reading to learn more about how Bermudagrass and ryegrass will make your lawn green year-round!

Get a green lawn in the heat of the summer with Bermudagrass

The sweltering summer heat in Arizona is stressful for most lawns. If you want to have a green lawn starting from the spring all the way until the winter, it's best to have Bermudagrass on your property. This warm-season grass loves the sun and has excellent tolerance to heat and drought. This means your Bermudagrass lawn will continue to stand out when most lawns are struggling.

Late spring is the best time to plant this grass. Let the cool winter weather pass before planting this grass because it grows best when daytime temperatures reach around 95 degrees Fahrenheit. In the winter, however, Bermudagrass will go dormant and brown.

Maintain A Lush And Vibrant Lawn In The Winter With Ryegrass

The dream is to have a green lawn all year long, but many grass types go dormant in the winter. The key to maintaining a lush and vibrant lawn in the winter is to plant ryegrass. This cool-season grass establishes quickly, which means you can quickly see your lawn greening up again while your Bermudagrass goes dormant. It's best to plant ryegrass seeds in the fall so you can expect your lawn to remain vibrantly green in the winter. Ryegrass features a high tolerance to heavy traffic, allowing you and your loved ones to enjoy your lawn in the winter without worrying about damaging your grass.

Keep Your Bermudagrass & Ryegrass Healthy With A Good Lawn Care Regimen

Having both Bermudagrass and ryegrass on your lawn is not enough to keep a lush and verdant turf throughout the year. You'll still need to take care of your lawn with a good lawn care regimen to keep your lawn looking its best. Here are some ways you can ensure both grass types remain healthy to keep their overall appeal:

  • Water your grass regularly - Consistent watering is critical for Bermudagrass and ryegrass. This will help maintain the vibrant green color of your lawn.
  • Sign up for lawn fertilization treatments - Regular lawn fertilization treatments will provide your grass with the nutrients that it needs to thrive throughout the year.

Fertilizers usually include 3 essential nutrients: nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium.

Enjoy A Green Lawn Year-round With Our Sod Installation And Overseeding Services. Call Us Today To Schedule!

Whether you own a home or business, we can help you achieve the dream of having a healthy and green lawn that remains lush year-round. We can install Bermudagrass sod on your property that will thrive during the hot summer months that we have here in Arizona. Before it goes dormant in the fall, schedule our overseeding service so we can spread ryegrass seeds on your lawn that will thrive in the winter.

Our sod installation and overseeding services are available to commercial, residential, and HOA properties in Gilbert, Chandler, Mesa, AZ and nearby areas. Call our team today to schedule!