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Sure, yard cleanups go a long way toward improving your lawn's overall curb appeal and appearance. And there's no denying many cleanups only seek to improve the look and feel of your lawn. But lawn cleanups can also include other services that improve both the appearance and health of your grass and plants. These include health-centered items such as weed removal, debris removal, and lawn mowing.

Of course, not all lawn and landscape maintenance companies here in Gilbert, AZ% offer cleanups that improve your lawn's health. So, suppose you're looking to improve both the appearance and health of your yard. In that case, you'd just need to find a maintenance professional that bundles all of these services together into one comprehensive offering to get the best that yard cleanups can offer.

Weed Removal Stops Weeds From Stealing Nutrients And Competing With Your Grass And Plants.

Not only are weeds unsightly, but they also steal vital nutrients from your grass and plants. In addition to robbing them of nutrients, weeds compete with your plants for sunlight, space, and water. Some weeds make matters worse by systematically preventing desirable plants from germinating.

Weeds accomplish this in one of two ways.

  • Blocking out sunlight - Weeds will often cover plants. In doing so, they block vital sunlight from reaching your plants.
  • Taking up space - Some weeds secrete compounds into the soil to stop new plant growth. Afterward, the weeds take over that spot.

If weeds are threatening your grass and plants, the best course of action is to remove the weeds and prevent them from returning. Some lawn and landscape maintenance companies even include weed removal in their yard cleanup service as an added benefit.

Removing Debris From Your Lawn Like Leaves And Sticks Gives Your Grass More Room To Breathe.

Debris or yard waste left on your lawn is not only an eyesore but can also do significant damage to your grass. The most common debris found on lawns include:

  • Sticks and branches
  • Grass clippings
  • Leaves and thatch
  • Tree trimmings

If left in your yard, these items smother the grass beneath them by blocking sunlight, limiting water flow, and curbing the passage of essential nutrients to your lawn's root system. Yard debris also attracts pests seeking shade and can even invite lawn disease.

All lawns accumulate debris throughout the year. The key is taking advantage of seasonal yard cleanups to ensure today's yard waste doesn't lead to more significant problems tomorrow.

A Mowed Lawn Deters Insects And Lawn Diseases From Finding Your Property.

In addition to being unsightly, unkempt lawns also attract pesky insects and lawn disease. Tall grass gives insects a perfect hiding spot they can use to burrow in and feed off your land while quietly building their numbers. And while some bugs are completely harmless, others attack your lawn's root system, destroying it in the process. Yet still, others sting, bite, or weaken structural foundations.

Sometimes pests, such as aphids, have even been known to transmit lawn diseases to the yards they invade. Insect infestations coupled with lawn disease are a formidable opponent capable of doing substantial lawn damage.

A well-mowed lawn is the first line of defense against insects and lawn diseases looking for a comfy hiding spot to potentially call "home."

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Property owners need lawns that aren't just beautiful but are healthy enough to weather anything our extreme temperatures can throw at them. So, if you're in Gilbert, Chandler, Mesa, or a nearby town in Arizona, don't settle for yard cleanups that just offer curb appeal.

We offer comprehensive yard cleanups that come with string-trimming, edging, plant trimming, and granite raking, which each enhance your property's aesthetic. But they also include weed removal, debris removal, and mowing, which polish up your lawn while dramatically improving its health.

You can create great curb appeal and peak lawn health by entrusting your yard cleanups to our knowledgable and friendly lawn and landscape maintenance crews. Call us today at to schedule your next yard cleanup!