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Who Says You Can’t Have An Instantly Green Lawn? Install Sod!

Here in the Gilbert, AZ area, we all want a green lawn. But let's face it. not everyone can wait through months or years of caring for a lawn to achieve healthy, green grass. Fortunately, for anyone looking for something more immediate, there's a quicker option. That solution is called sod, and one reason property owners install it is to obtain an instantly green lawn.

Given sod's properties, the term "instant lawn" is an apt name. And while many know that laying sod results in a much quicker lawn than planting seeds, not everyone is aware that sod can come in many different grass types, nor do they know the level of care that goes into maintaining it upon installation. Continue reading to learn more about sod installation and the impact it can have on your property!

Why Is Sod Known As An "Instant Lawn"?

Your sod comes almost entirely harvested when you receive it, including roots, stems, and grass blades. It even includes a thin layer of soil. Also, the growers usually pre-fertilize sod ahead of shipping, so it's already green when it arrives. Sod suppliers transport sod in rolls. Depending on the size of your yard, installers can roll it onto your soil in as little as 2 hours. That's what you call quick!

  • Kentucky bluegrass
  • St. Augustine
  • Bentgrass
  • Ryegrass
  • Fescue
  • Zoysia

In addition to offering an instant lawn, sod allows you to avoid obstacles that can prevent seeded lawns from taking root.

What Types Of Sod Are Available?

Sod comes in many types, but your location is often the most significant factor in which type you install. Climate also plays a heavy role in determining which sod to use. Although sod comes in multiple varieties, Bermudagrass is popular here in Arizona. Other common sod types in the region include:

Typically, in Arizona, lawn care professionals install warm-season grass types like Bermudagrass in the summer but overseed it with a cool-season ryegrass seed in the fall. Doing so ensures your lawn remains green in the winter when Bermudagrass goes into dormancy.

How Long Is Diligent Care Required Before Your Sod Is Ready For Regular Use?

While some refer to sod as an instant lawn, this doesn't mean your lawn is 100% ready for use. You'll need to care for it for a couple of weeks until the roots can establish themselves. The first six weeks run in 2-week maintenance cycles.

  • First two weeks after installing your new sod: Lawn care professionals recommend watering it several times a day for the first 2 weeks after installation. Likewise, you'll also want to avoid foot traffic on your turf at this point, but it should be safe to mow on day 14.
  • Three to four weeks after installing your new sod: At this point in your sod's development cycle, you can scale back on watering. For best results, you can do this by reducing the number of sessions while gradually extending the length of each watering session.
  • One month to six weeks after installing your new sod: Your roots are now strong enough to absorb more nutrients. Your lawn can also accommodate normal use at this point. So, this is when you'll want to schedule your first fertilizer treatment.

Ready For An Instantly Green Lawn? Call Us To Schedule Your Sod Installation!

If you have a bare lawn or have tried improving your yard for a long time but still aren't seeing results, our sod installation service could be just what your yard needs. While sod does require a lot of attention for the first six weeks, installing it will significantly accelerate the development of your lawn. We can help you with sod installation, mowing, fertilization, and can even help overseed it for the winter.

We have a proven track record of serving residential, commercial, and HOA properties in Gilbert, Chandler, Mesa, and nearby areas in Arizona. If you want an instantly green lawn, call us today at to schedule your sod installation.