Which Component of Your Irrigation System Needs to Be Repaired?

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Which Component Of Your Irrigation System Needs To Be Repaired?

Due to the high temperatures we experience in Arizona, irrigation systems are necessary to maintaining a healthy lawn. If your irrigation system is not working properly, it can be detrimental to the health of your grass. Irrigation systems are comprised of different components such as sprinkler heads, controllers, valves, pumps, and rain sensors. If your irrigation system isn't working properly, it can be hard to tell which of those components needs to be repaired. Read on to learn what each component does and how you can tell what part needs repairing.

Sprinkler Heads Are Responsible For Getting Water Onto Your Lawn

The sprinkler head is the "face" of an irrigation system, and it's where the magic happens. A sprinkler head sprays water onto your lawn, and you'll typically have several of these scattered throughout your property for even coverage. However, when one of your sprinkler heads breaks, it'll do one of two things. It'll either shoot water off into the air like a geyser or barely spray any water at all, both outcomes are detrimental to the health and well-being of your lawn since the water isn't being evenly distributed.

Controllers Are Responsible For Operating Automatic Irrigation Systems

Controllers, or timers, are the brains behind the whole irrigation operation. The controller is a device used to operate automatic irrigation systems for your lawn sprinklers and drip irrigation systems. With a controller, you can set the frequency, start time, and duration of your watering for each day. If you notice your system isn't running when it's supposed to, or conversely, if it's running when it's supposed to be off, then something could be wrong with your controller. Other signs of a malfunctioning controller include zones not being watered and your system not shutting off after it automatically turned on.

A smart controller can be connected to your Wi-Fi, allowing greater control from your phone or a tablet!

Valves Regulate The Amount Of Water Used In Your Irrigation System

Sprinkler valves control and regulate the amount of water each watering zone receives and can be controlled manually or automatically with a timer. Sprinkler valves are also used to turn off your irrigation system in emergencies. A sign that your valves may need repairs is if you notice a decrease in water pressure spraying from your sprinkler heads or it's not turning on at all.

Pumps Transport Water From A Water Source To Your Irrigation System.

Sprinkler Pump

A sprinkler pump is like a heart designed to pump water from a well or body of water to an in-ground irrigation system. It's typically located between your water source and your sprinkler valves and moves water at a steady rate so that each sprinkler head receives enough for irrigation. A sign that your pumps aren't working is that there will be no water shooting from your irrigation system. Low water pressure is another sign that your pumps might need repairs.

Rain Sensors Will Turn Off Your Irrigation System When It's Raining

As its name implies, this device senses rain. It communicates with your sprinkler timer about the amount of rain falling. If enough rain has fallen, the sensors alert the timer to skip the next cycle and not run. The easiest way to tell if your rain sensor isn't working is if you notice your irrigation system is running while it's raining.

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