What's the perfect mowing schedule for lawns in Arizona?

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What's The Perfect Mowing Schedule For Lawns In Arizona?

Trying to figure out the perfect mowing schedule for your lawn can be difficult as you'll want to find a balance between keeping your grass looking neat without stressing it out by mowing it too often. Here in Arizona, your mowing schedule should be determined by the season. Most lawns here have warm-season grass, which grows quicker in the summer and grows slower in the cooler seasons of spring, fall, and winter. In the spring, you can usually get away with bi-weekly mowing as your grass is just starting to emerge from its winter slumber. In the summer, your grass will start to grow more rapidly, and weekly mowing may be needed to keep up with the growth. In the fall, your grass will start growing more slowly again and you can cut back to bi-weekly mowing. In the winter, your grass will be growing very slowly and you can mow bi-weekly or even less than that if your grass is not growing too much.

You Can Mow Your Lawn On A Bi-weekly Schedule During The Spring

In the spring, your lawn will just be emerging from winter, where its growth will have been minimal due to the cooler weather. During this season, your grass will still be growing slowly as the weather will still be pretty cool. While you can monitor how quickly your grass is growing and mow it accordingly, you'll likely only need to mow it on a bi-weekly schedule until the weather starts to warm up in the summer.

Mow Your Lawn On A Weekly Basis In The Summer To Keep Up With The Growth

Most lawns here in Arizona have warm-season grass that will be thriving during the hot temperatures of summer. Since your grass will be growing rapidly during this time, it's recommended that you mow your lawn on a weekly basis to keep up with the new growth. By mowing your lawn every week during the summer growing season, you can keep your lawn looking nice and manicured during this season of growth.

Make sure that you switch up your mowing pattern during every mow to prevent ruts from forming in your lawn and to reduce soil compaction.

You Can Reduce Your Mowing Frequency To Bi-weekly During The Fall Season

As the heat of the summer fades and the cooler fall weather takes over, your warm-season grass will start growing slower again. Because your grass won't be growing as rapidly during the fall season, you will not have to mow it as often to keep its neat and manicured appearance. You'll likely be able to reduce your mowing frequency to bi-weekly during this season.

During The Winter, You Only Need To Mow Your Lawn Every Other Week Or Even Less!

During the winter season in Arizona, your grass will be growing slower than any of the other seasons. You'll want to keep an eye on how quickly your grass is growing and adjust your mowing schedule accordingly. Usually, you only need to mow your lawn every other week in order to keep up with its growth. However, sometimes you can mow even less than that during the winter because your grass will likely be growing so slowly.

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