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What Does Spider Mite Tree Damage Look Like & How Do You Treat It?

Spider mites are tiny mites that are closely related to spiders. They damage your trees by sucking out chlorophyll from the leaves, resulting in stipples or white dots on the foliage of your trees. When the damage is more extensive, you can see yellowing and browning leaves that are sparsely covered by webs. Spider mites start to emerge and feed in the spring, which is when you're most likely to begin seeing their damage. Spider mites will stop at nothing, especially when the conditions are ideal for their population to explode.

Don't fret though. Seeking professional help to treat spider mite infestations is your best course of action to stop these arachnids from causing more damage. Fertilization treatments, on the other hand, will strengthen your trees and shrubs and allow them to recover from the injuries caused by spider mites. Learn more about spider mite damage and how you can treat your trees for it.

Signs Of Spider Mite Damage On Your Trees

While they are exceedingly small, spider mites can be the culprit behind the discoloration of the foliage on your trees. These arachnids cause damage to your trees by feeding on chlorophyll and other essential contents from leaf cells. Because of their feeding habits, they can significantly damage the leaves of your trees. Common telltale signs of spider mite damage include:

  • Stippling or tiny white dots on the leaf surface
  • Yellowing or browning leaves
  • Leaf drop
  • Webs that cover the leaves and stems of your trees

A small spider mite population is usually not a big deal. Most trees typically recover from the stress caused by spider mites, but a high number of these arachnids can be fatal to small trees and shrubs. Spider mite damage is more problematic because the 2-millimeter body of these pests is tough to detect and spot, which means you'll see signs of damage when it's already too late.

When Do Spider Mites Wreak Havoc On Your Trees?

Spider mites love warm weather and dusty areas. Given these ideal conditions, these tree pests will feed actively on green leaves throughout the year. However, some spider mite species will overwinter in debris on the ground. They will emerge and begin feeding in the spring when the weather has warmed up enough. As soon as they begin feeding, spider mites start to wreak havoc on your trees.

The real problem can occur when their population gets high. Spider mite population increases rapidly in areas with hot weather like Gilbert, Arizona, and an entire generation can even emerge in just one week! Their number usually explodes during the hot months of June to September.

Treating Your Trees for Spider Mite Damage

As with any other issue that your trees and plants encounter, seeking professional help is always your best course. While natural spider mite predators may be lurking in and around your property, proper treatment is still necessary. Hoping for the best may not always turn in your favor, but letting experts apply insecticide will result in the effective elimination of spider mites.

We don't recommend a DIY application of chemicals because it might target the natural enemies of spider mites that may promote a population explosion of these pests. Professionals will know what type of product to use and where to apply it to get you the best results.

Because spider mites can wound and weaken your trees, treating and nursing them back to life is vital. Well-spaced fertilization treatments are what your trees need to come back to life and regain the lush green color of their leaves that has been sucked out by spider mites. As with the insecticide application, we recommend hiring experts because improper fertilization might cause more harm than good to your trees.

Water-stressed trees are more likely to experience more damage from spider mites, so make sure you are giving your trees enough hydration to keep them strong!

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