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Trimming & Pruning - Do You Really Need Both?

Trimming and pruning the trees and shrubs on your property is essential to maintaining their health and beauty. Both of these tasks involve cutting branches and other parts of your vegetation, so a question that lawn care professionals often get asked is, "do you really need to do both?" The answer to this question is absolutely yes, both of these services are needed to ensure your plants stay as healthy and attractive as possible. This is particularly true in the Gilbert, Arizona area, where the hot temperatures can have plants growing at a fast rate.

Continue reading this article to learn exactly what trimming and pruning are, why they are each important, and when you should perform both of these tasks on your trees and shrubs in Arizona.

What Is Trimming And Why Is It Important?

Trimming is the process of cutting the tips of branches off of plants to remove excessive overgrowth and maintain their overall appearance. You can think of this task as giving your plants a haircut and it should be done as needed throughout the year. It's important for a variety of reasons, including the fact that it:

  • Keeps your softscape looking neat and visually appealing
  • Allows moisture and sunlight to reach the bottom of your plant since it won't be blocked by overgrowth
  • Helps to prevent insect infestation in your plants by limiting their habitat options

Trimming your softscape provides an opportunity to inspect the health of your plants so any potential problems can be dealt with before they become bigger issues.

What Is Pruning And Why Is It Important?

Pruning is the process of removing dead or diseased branches from your plants. While it can improve the aesthetic of your softscape, pruning is all about promoting the health of your plants. You can think of pruning as a medical procedure for your plants that is intended to remove any sickness so your plants can remain strong. Additionally, pruning is important as it can also:

  • Encourage the growth of flowers
  • Maximize fruit production
  • Rejuvenate old plants
  • Manage the direction of tree growth
  • Promote thicker plant regrowth

Trimming & Pruning Your Plants in Arizona is All About Timing

The climate in Arizona is perfect for growing a variety of different types of plants. But not all of these plants will grow at the same rate, so trimming and pruning schedules can vary. For trimming, determining a schedule is easy. You'll want to do this anytime the appearance of your plants starts to look messy. This could be anywhere from a few times a year to bi-weekly, depending on what plants you have and your own personal preference.

When it comes to pruning, timing is everything. That's because pruning at the wrong time can actually be detrimental to the plant's health. While pruning stimulates growth, it can be a bad thing in certain cases. For instance, pruning the wrong type of plant right before winter will use that plant's energy reserves when it's not needed. This could lead to the new growth dying just as it was getting started.

Some common plants found in Arizona that need to be pruned in late winter or early spring include bird of paradise and sage. While others such as oleander, dalea, or Texas ranger, should be pruned in the spring or late summer.

Always have a trained professional prune your plants to ensure it is done correctly and during the right season.

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