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These Signs Could Mean Your Irrigation System Is In Need Of Repair

Having an irrigation system that is running properly is essential to keeping your property looking beautiful and healthy. If even one small part of your irrigation system isn't working correctly, it could have a negative effect on your entire lawn. This is especially true for property owners in the Gilbert, Arizona area where the temperatures can reach over 100 degrees. Sometimes, the signs of an irrigation system that is in need of repair will be obvious, such as a gushing water spout or a broken sprinkler head. However, some signs are not as obvious, so it's important to know what to look for.

In this article, we'll go over some signs to look for such as a change in water pressure, an increased water bill, brown or dry spots on your lawn, and damp areas around pressure regulators and filters.

Watch Out For A Change In Your Sprinkler System's Water Pressure

Having the right amount of water pressure flowing through your sprinkler system is extremely important. If the water pressure is too low, your system won't be able to deliver enough water to your plants and grass. Low water pressure could be a sign that there is a leak or break in your water line, or it might be caused by some other issue.

High water pressure is not good either. One sign that your sprinkler system has high water pressure is that your sprinkler is producing a mist when it's running. This mist can drift off of your property, depriving your lawn of the water that it needs. High water pressure can also overwhelm your pipes, causing damage to them.

If your sprinkler system has either too much or not enough water pressure, you should call a professional to come take a look right away to avoid or limit any damage.

A Broken Irrigation System Could Lead to a Higher Water Bill

Have you noticed that your water bill is much higher than normal? If so, your irrigation system may be the culprit behind the increase. Below are a number of reasons why your irrigation system could be causing your water bill to rise:

  • There might be a leak somewhere.
  • Your control valve could be broken, causing water to escape from the lines.
  • The pressure regulator might be broken. If this happens, more water than necessary can be forced out through the system, leading to a higher than normal water bill.

Be on the Lookout for Brown or Dry Spots on Your Lawn

Another tell-tale sign that there might be a problem with your irrigation system is brown or dry spots on your lawn. These spots are usually caused when the area is not getting enough water. There could be a few things going on with your irrigation system that is preventing it from delivering water properly.

There might be debris that is clogging the sprinkler heads, which will block the water from coming out. You might have a cracked, chipped, or broken sprinkler head, in which case it will need to be replaced.

Have You Noticed Damp Areas Around Your Pressure Regulators or Filters?

If you've noticed that the areas around your pressure regulators or filters are damp, there could be a problem with your irrigation system. This is usually an indication of a leak in the lines. If this occurs, your system won't be able to function to its full potential. This problem is often caused by an accumulation of dirt and grass in the equipment. To avoid any serious damage, the equipment should be cleaned out as soon as possible.

No matter the issue with your irrigation system, a trained irrigation technician like the ones on our team will be able to quickly identify and fix the problem for you!

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