The 3 Best Ways to Keep Your Trees From Succumbing to a Tree Disease

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The 3 Best Ways To Keep Your Trees From Succumbing To A Tree Disease

Trees are an essential part of your landscape. They not only increase your property's curb appeal but also provide many benefits. But much like your lawn or other plants, they can also succumb to diseases that leave them in a damaged state. However, there are three ways you can help prevent your trees from falling victim to various diseases so they can remain healthy year-round in Arizona. The first way is by properly trimming them to help prevent the spread of disease. The second way is by regularly fertilizing your trees so that they receive a constant supply of nutrients. The third and perhaps most important way to protect your trees is to sign up for a professional tree care program. That way, you have a team of professionals caring for them throughout the year while you sit back and relax!

1. Prune Your Trees At The Right Time To Help Prevent The Spread Of Plant Disease.

One of the ways you can help prevent plant diseases from taking over your trees is by pruning them. It is important to closely monitor your tree’s health, and if you notice any symptoms of tree disease, pruning will prevent the problem from spreading to the rest of the plant. However, timing is everything when it comes to pruning. Cutting branches at the wrong time of the year can negatively impact your tree, so be sure to do your research on the specific tree types you have to learn when they should be pruned.

Common signs of tree disease include rot, discoloring, and thinning foliage. Be sure to prune any branches that are showing these signs!

2. Fertilize Your Trees Regularly To Give Them A Constant Supply Of Nutrients

Fertilizing your trees is another great way to keep them from being infected with a tree disease. Fertilizers typically contain a blend of nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, which can help your trees grow and establish strong roots in your soil. When your trees receive a constant supply of these nutrients, they will be better able to fend off any tree diseases that would normally damage them.

Regularly fertilizing your trees can also strengthen them against environmental stressors and pests!

3. Invest In Regular Tree Care By Signing Up For A Professional Tree Care Program

One of the best ways to prevent the trees on your property from succumbing to any plant diseases is to sign up for a professional tree care program. A tree care program will not only include regular fertilizer treatments to keep your trees healthy, but you’ll also have a team of professionals to monitor them throughout the year. This means that they can identify any symptoms of tree disease early on. Then they can spring into action and provide the necessary treatments to cure your trees from any diseases. By allowing professionals to regularly look after your trees, issues like diseases have a much better chance of being caught and taken care of earlier than they would have if you were just monitoring your trees on your own.

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