Should I Aerate My Lawn in the Spring in Arizona?

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Should I Aerate My Lawn In The Spring In Arizona?

When it comes to aerating your lawn, timing is key. You need to pick a season when your grass will benefit the most from this service. If you’re in Arizona, the best time to aerate your lawn happens to be spring. That’s because we primarily have warm-season grass here, which thrives in the warmer weather during spring, meaning your grass will be strong enough to endure this invasive process. Additionally, aerating your lawn in the spring will help it develop stronger roots so it can be better equipped to handle the more stressful seasons ahead. And when the aeration process is complete, do not throw any of the cores on your lawn away. They should stay in your yard because they’ll return essential nutrients to your soil as they decompose.

Your Lawn Will Be Strong Enough In Spring To Endure Core Aeration.

Core aeration, while beneficial for your lawn, can be quite taxing on it too. That's because the actual process of removing cores of soil from your lawn is an invasive process that can stress out your grass. That’s why you need to aerate your lawn when your grass is strong enough to endure the process. For example, if you decide to schedule an aeration service late into the summer, you can potentially harm your lawn—even if you have warm-season grass. That’s because your turf is combating the heat at the time and may not be able to handle the aeration process. Spring, however, is the perfect time to aerate your lawn in Arizona because your grass will be thriving during this time and it will be strong enough to endure the process.

Spring Aeration Will Help Your Grass Develop Stronger Roots To Endure The Summer

Another reason to schedule an aeration service in the spring is that it helps your grass develop stronger roots. The tiny holes in your lawn will loosen up your soil and create channels for nutrients and resources to easily find their way to the roots of your grass. These nutrients will help your grass establish stronger root connections in your soil, increasing your turf’s heat tolerance. Once your grass stocks up on nutrients and its heat tolerance is increased, it can be better equipped to deal with the summer season.

After Your Lawn Has Been Aerated, Leave The Cores On Your Lawn For Extra Benefits

After your lawn has been aerated, you’ll want to leave the cores of soil in your yard for extra benefits. These cores are jam-packed with nutrients and as they break down, they will return nutrients to your soil. This is especially important as your lawn marches into the summer because your turf will be looking for all the extra nutrients it can get. These nutrients will help prepare your grass to endure the summer heat.

Schedule a lawn fertilization treatment after an aeration service to give your grass a boost in essential nutrients!

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You don't want to miss out on aerating your lawn during the spring season here in Arizona. Core aeration is the perfect service to help your grass get the nutrients it needs to endure the summer heat. At Little John's Lawns, we offer our core aeration service every spring, from March to May, to open those passageways so your lawn has access to all of the nutrients and resources that it needs. We service commercial, HOA, and residential properties in the Gilbert, AZ area, including surrounding areas like Chandler and Mesa. Call us today to schedule our core aeration service!