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Rock Ground Covers Could Save Your Plants – Here’s How


Many people think that rock ground covers are just for looks, but they offer much more than curb appeal. Perhaps nowhere is this more true than Gilbert, AZ, which is in one of the country's most drought-prone regions. Rock ground coverings can do wonders for plant beds in Arizona. They help regulate soil temperatures, control pesky weeds, and aid in your soil's water retention.

Rocks work well for landscape beds in Arizona as they can weather varying climatic conditions without risking their effectiveness. They're also easy to maintain. Aside from increasing your curb appeal with a rock ground covering, you will also have healthy plants! Having a rock ground covering ensures maximum protection for your landscape beds and requires less ongoing maintenance. Continue reading to learn more about all that rock ground coverings can do for your property!

Rock Ground Covers Regulate Soil Temperatures


Regulating soil temperatures is important for any garden or landscape bed. However, it's especially essential in the Gilbert, AZ area, where summer temperatures often exceed 100 degrees Fahrenheit. These hot temperatures we experience put extra stress on your plants, which is why rock coverings are critical in this climate.

They add a layer of protection between the soil and those powerful sun rays. In protecting your soil from high temperatures, rock ground coverings protect the roots of your plants too. Rock ground covers are also equally helpful at protecting plant roots from cooler weather during the winter.

Rock Ground Covers Suppress Weeds.

No one likes to see weeds in their garden beds. However, weeds aren't just an eyesore; they represent a significant threat to any plants in your garden beds. If given their way, weeds will overcrowd your plants and prevent them from receiving vital sunlight. They also compete with your plants for moisture and other essential nutrients your plants need to survive. Additionally, some weeds have even grown adept at preventing your desired plant seeds from germinating.

Rock ground covers help suppress weeds by presenting a physical buffer, making it difficult for weeds to grow and penetrate the surface. Of course, when you pour the rock layers to the right thickness level, the surface of your landscape beds should be nearly impenetrable.

Your rock ground covering should be around 2-3 inches thick for the best results.

Rock Ground Covers Retain Soil Moisture And Enhance Curb Appeal.

Dryness is a significant issue for soil and plants, especially during certain months in this region. The seasonal dry spells that occur from mid-spring to early summer cause moisture in your garden beds to quickly evaporate and dry your plants' roots. This dryness can cause your plants to wilt or grow slower than expected.

Rock ground covers help retain soil moisture even amidst the hottest temperatures. That's because they slow the water evaporation process, which improves your soil's water retention. In addition to water retention, rock covers look amazing against the backdrop of Arizona's natural landscape and enhance your curb appeal.

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While certainly lovely to look at, rock ground covers also offer protection against extreme temperatures, persistent weeds, and dry conditions. That's why it helps to turn to a professional landscape maintenance company that possesses the knowledge and experience to install rock ground covers in your garden beds. With 10 years in business, and multiple "Best Landscaping Company in the Valley" titles to boot, we are that company.

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