Questions to Ask a Lawn Mowing Company Before Hiring Them

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Questions To Ask A Lawn Mowing Company Before Hiring Them


Having a vibrant, manicured lawn in Arizona is nice, but mowing can sometimes be exhausting and time-consuming. Instead of doing it yourself, you should consider hiring a lawn mowing company to cut your grass for you. Before you hire a company, there are a few important questions you should run by them to ensure they’re the right choice for you. You need to ask if they follow the proper mowing techniques, whether they include any additional services besides mowing, and if they offer a satisfaction guarantee for their services. If they do all these things, then they should be a good fit to mow your lawn!

Do They Follow The Proper Lawn Mowing Techniques?

A good lawn mowing company should practice the proper mowing techniques when they cut your grass. One of those practices is the 1/3 rule which simply states that you shouldn’t remove more than 1/3 off the top of your grass blades during a single mow. If your turf is cut too short, then that can negatively impact the health and development of your grass. So, a good lawn mowing company will always adhere to this rule to your grass is never cut too short. They should also alternate their mowing patterns each time they mow your lawn to prevent your grass from leaning in one specific direction. Lastly, they should ensure that their mower blades are always sharp to avoid tearing your grass. By following all these mowing practices, they’ll keep your lawn in pristine condition.

Your grass may need to be cut at different heights depending on the season. A lawn mowing company will know how short your grass should be cut throughout the year.

Are Other Services Included Besides Lawn Mowing?

When searching for a company to mow your lawn, you want to be mindful of the other services they offer besides mowing. Sure, mowing is the most important aspect, but other services should be considered to give your lawn that fresh, manicured look. You want a company that also includes string-trimming as part of the lawn mowing service. This will ensure those areas that your lawnmower can’t reach are tended to. Lawnmowers have a tough time getting to areas around trees and landscape beds, for example, so a company that includes string trimming will ensure your grass is evenly cut across your property. They should also include edging so that all the borders surrounding your lawn can maintain a clean appearance. Then, when everything is said and done, you want someone who will clean your property by blowing off the grass clippings and other debris. That way, your hardscapes will continue to look tidy!

Do They Offer A Satisfaction Guarantee For Their Lawn Mowing Service?

When you consider hiring a lawn mowing company, you also want to select one that offers a satisfaction guarantee for their services. This guarantee means that they are confident in the work that they do, so you can rest assured that they will do a good job when mowing your lawn. And even if something isn’t done to your liking, they’ll come back to make sure you’re satisfied with their work. This shows that they put their clients first and will work diligently to make sure you’re happy!

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