Planning on Laying Sod in Arizona? Choose Bermudagrass!

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Planning On Laying Sod In Arizona? Choose Bermudagrass!

Installing sod is a fast and easy way to get a lush, green lawn on your property in Arizona. There are many choices for what type of grass you can lay down. However, you need to consider the weather we experience, which has harsh summers and arid conditions. One grass type stands out among the rest: Bermudagrass. Homeowners and business owners love this warm-season grass because of its excellent drought and heat tolerance, perfect for the summers in Arizona! These qualities are thanks to its extensive root system that also makes it resilient to stressful environmental conditions.

What's more, Bermudagrass recuperates from stress easily. This means you can enjoy a durable lawn that remains lush for much of the year. Keep reading to learn more about Bermudagrass and why you should choose it when installing sod on your property.

Bermudagrass Has Excellent Drought & Heat Tolerance

Bermudagrass is a fast-growing, warm-season perennial grass. If you're planning to install sod on your property, this sun-loving grass is the perfect fit for you. With the hot summers that we experience in Arizona, you'll want a type of grass that thrives in extended periods of extreme heat. Bermudagrass is known for being a heat-tolerant grass!

Arizona experiences long periods of drought, so it's best to install sod that grows best despite harsh, dry conditions. Bermudagrass is extremely drought-tolerant as well. If you install this type of sod on your lawn, you can count on your grass doing well even during periods of drought.

Bermudagrass Sod Develops An Extensive Root System That Makes It Resilient Against Environmental Stressors.


Bermudagrass sod has many attributes that you'll appreciate, like its beautiful green color and dense growth. However, the roots of Bermudagrass are the real game-changer. This grass has an extensive root system that can reach 6 feet or more in depth. Thanks to the fibrous and vigorous root system of Bermudagrass, your sod will grow to become resilient against environmental stressors.

The Bermudagrass roots allow your lawn in Arizona to tolerate extreme heat, drought, and heavy traffic. By growing deep into the ground, its roots store and use water efficiently. That's what allows your grass to survive long dry spells without regular irrigation! Its extensive root system paves the way for a durable lawn that remains outstanding in stressful conditions compared to most warm-season grasses.

Bermudagrass naturally resists weeds and can choke out invasive plants!

Stressed Out Bermudagrass Bounces Back Quickly

Bermudagrass sod does not get stressed out easily, even when faced with Arizona's harsh summers, long periods of drought, and everyday wear and tear. If it does get stressed, you can expect your Bermudagrass to bounce back quickly. This is because of its fast-growing, vigorous roots that reproduce new shoots if it gets damaged. So, when you choose to have Bermudagrass sod installed on your lawn, you can rest easy knowing that you are choosing a grass type that will be strong enough to recover from any stressful conditions it may face.

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