Is There a Correct Way to Install a Rock Ground Cover? Yes!

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Is There A Correct Way To Install A Rock Ground Cover? Yes!

Rock ground cover is the go-to way to add a finishing touch to landscape beds here in Arizona – and yet, installations can still be done incorrectly, leaving you with lackluster results. It's essential to make sure you're installing rock ground cover correctly to avoid any mishaps, starting with the thickness of your ground cover being around two to three inches. You'll want to leave about an inch of space around the base of any plants in the bed so they have easy access to sunlight, nutrients, and water. Finally, edge around your landscape beds to help prevent the rocks from falling out of place! With these factors in tow, you'll have a beautiful landscape bed in no time with perfectly installed rock ground cover.

Rock Ground Cover Should Be Laid About Two To Three Inches Thick

Ground cover seems simple enough to install – just lay down the rock until you don't see any soil! However, there is a sweet spot to ensure that your ground cover is effective without being harmful to your plants. The trick is to keep your rock ground cover layer around two to three inches thick. This will allow good permeation through to the soil so you won't need to worry about any roots being suffocated or undernourished. Two to three inches of ground cover will help suppress weed growth, improve the soil's moisture retention, and more!

Rock ground cover is available in a variety of colors, including red, brown, white, and more.

Ensure There Is An Inch Of Space Around The Base Of Any Plants And Your Rock Ground Cover.

When laying rock ground cover, it may be tempting to place the rock right up against the base of the plant for aesthetics. However, there should be about an inch of space around the base of any plants in the bed! This space will give the plants direct access to sunlight, nutrients, and water. Rocks can also reflect heat, so if the rock ground cover is right up against the base of a plant, it could redirect extra heat onto your plant and cause stress.

Edge Your Landscape Beds To Prevent Rock Ground Cover From Falling Out Of Place

Over time, the rocks in your landscape bed will be tempted to move around, whether from heavy rain, shifting soil, winds, or other elements. The last thing you want is ground cover rocks to be falling out of your landscape bed and into your lawn! To create a clear boundary between your lawn and your landscape bed, be sure to edge.

Preventing these rocks from falling out of place will help reduce the likelihood of encountering a rock while mowing, which could damage the mower blades. It will also help control garden growth, keeping your grass from growing into your landscape bed and the roots of your landscaping plants from encroaching on your lawn!

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