Is Liquid or Granular Fertilizer Better for Lawns in Arizona?

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Is Liquid or Granular Fertilizer Better for Lawns in Arizona?

It's no secret that our lawns will benefit from the additional nourishment lawn fertilizer provides as they go up against all the environmental challenges our Arizona climate brings. However, you may find yourself wondering, which is better for your lawn: granular fertilizer or liquid fertilizer? Liquid fertilizer is exceptional at delivering nutrients to your grass quickly, as the fertilizer is absorbed into the soil almost immediately after application. Conversely, granular fertilizer is slower to break down and distribute nutrients, but that makes it useful for providing constant nourishment to your lawn over a longer period. With both fertilizer types covering different strengths and weaknesses, the best practice is to use both liquid and granular fertilizer at different times of year to produce optimal results!

Liquid Fertilizers Give Near-immediate Nutrients To The Roots Of Your Lawn

For lawns that need some extra nourishment ASAP, liquid fertilizer may be the best option. The liquid is almost immediately absorbed into the soil, meaning it can arrive at the roots of your grass much more quickly than a granular formula. Because of this, lawns that receive liquid fertilization typically show results sooner and have a more swift green-up than with other fertilizers. You can also be more confident in what ratio of nutrients your grass is receiving with liquid fertilizer since it is a blend. Each drop will have the same nutrient ratio as another, leading to even nutrient distribution across your entire lawn!

Liquid fertilizer is also easy to mix with other liquid applications like a selective herbicide or pesticide.

Granular Fertilizer Provides Slow But Steady Nourishment To Your Lawn

Granular fertilizer can provide the same nutrients as liquid fertilizer, but the slow-release application method gives it different benefits. Since the nutrients won't be dispersed until the granules break down on your lawn, granular fertilizer will provide constant nourishment to your lawn over a longer period than liquid fertilizer. This makes it perfect for long-term grass health and established lawns that don't need a sudden influx of nutrients to thrive at the moment but instead need steady support.

Use Both Liquid And Granular Fertilizers Throughout The Year For Full-coverage Support

Both liquid and granular fertilizers have different strengths and weaknesses – and that's what makes them so powerful when paired. Throughout the year, the immediate and long-term needs of your lawn will shift with environmental factors and its changing growth stages. In hotter months, your grass will benefit the most from the immediate support provided by liquid fertilizer to withstand the heat. Granular fertilizer shines in the winter months when your lawn needs more consistent, extended nourishment. The best practice is to use both liquid and granular fertilizer at different times of year to give your lawn the full-coverage nourishment it needs to thrive!

For The Perfect Combination Of Liquid And Granular Fertilizer, Call Today To Enroll In Our Lawn Fertilization Program!

To achieve a verdant lawn, you need the right knowledge of when to use liquid fertilizer and when to use granular – and that's exactly what our team at Little John's Lawns brings to the table. We eat, sleep, and breathe everything lawn and landscape, paying close attention to environmental conditions in Arizona and overall lawn health. Our team will utilize both granular and liquid applications to concoct the perfect fertilizer combination for lawn nourishment. We'll apply our organic-based fertilizer every four to six weeks to provide your grass with the constant support it needs to grow healthy and strong. We also pair these services with weed control to combat weeds like bindii, spurge, and more. If you're in Gilbert, AZ or a surrounding city like Chandler or Mesa, get in touch with our office by calling today to enroll in our lawn fertilization program!