Is Investing in a Smart Irrigation System Worth It?

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Is Investing In A Smart Irrigation System Worth It?

It’s important to be mindful of just how much water you’re using with your irrigation system. You don’t want to find yourself in a situation where you’re overwatering or underwatering your lawn. Overwatering can not only waste water and money, but too much water can also negatively impact the health of your grass. Underwatering your lawn can also be detrimental to your grass and plants as they need to stay hydrated to thrive. That’s why many residents in Arizona are switching over to smart irrigation systems. A smart irrigation system offers many conveniences that will ensure that you’re not overwatering or underwatering your lawn and landscape beds. You can easily control them from your phone, they can sense when it’s raining to cut back on the water being used every day, and they will be able to tell how much water your lawn needs based on the temperature. Read on to learn why investing in a smart irrigation system is a smart investment!

You Can Control Your Smart Irrigation System From Your Phone

One of the reasons to invest in a smart irrigation system is so you can have full control over your system at your fingertips by using your phone. Not only can you decide when to turn on your sprinkler system, but it comes with a whole host of features you can utilize as well. You can set a watering schedule, and make any adjustments to it if needed, which is perfect if you have to travel a lot. You can also just turn on specific zones in your yard if, for example, you planted some new flowers in one of your landscape beds and they need extra watering.

Make sure you download the corresponding app that goes with your smart irrigation system!

A Smart Irrigation System Senses When It's Raining To Cut Down On Water Usage.

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where your sprinklers are scheduled to start, and then all of a sudden it starts raining? Now your sprinklers are going off while the rain is coming down, and you have to scramble to turn your system off. Or even worse, you are not at your property and your system is running while it's raining, which will waste both water and money. Well, another advantage smart irrigation systems have over regular irrigation systems is that they have sensors that detect when it’s raining. This is a tremendous help when it comes to saving water and money because it means your system won’t turn on during a downpour. You also don’t have to worry about accidentally overwatering your lawn and landscape plants.

A Smart Irrigation System Can Tell Exactly How Much Water Your Lawn Needs.

Another reason why smart irrigation systems are worth the investment is that they can tell just how much water your lawn would need thanks to various sensors that can be installed. They can tell how quickly water will evaporate from your lawn depending on the temperature. Some systems even use other environmental factors such as wind, solar radiation, and humidity in conjunction with temperature to determine if water is needed. And when some sensors are buried near the root zone of your turf, then they can determine how much moisture is present in your soil and make the appropriate adjustments to how much water your irrigation system delivers.

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