Even though winters in Arizona aren't very cold compared to the rest of the country, they're cold enough to stress our warm-season grass. Your lawns should be handled with care entering the spring season, and will be yearning for some extra help to bounce back from winter! By fertilizing your lawn, you'll be injecting it with a boost of vital nutrients that it can use to kickstart spring growth. With weed control applications your lawn will be protected from pesky weeds trying to steal resources from your grass. Core aeration is also beneficial during spring to encourage thicker, healthier grass growth and improve resource access for deep roots. These ingredients are the perfect recipe for a beautiful lawn come spring!

Replenish the nutrients used over winter with a fertilization treatment.

Professional applying liquid fertilizer treatment on a lawn in Gilbert, AZ.

Fertilization is an important part of any lawn care routine, especially post-winter. During the fall, your lawn is collecting and storing nutrients so that once winter begins, it has enough resources to ration out and survive on until the weather warms. Once the soil temperature begins to rise, your grass will begin to try to grow once more, but without the proper resources, it will be slow going. A fertilization treatment will inject your soil with a boost of those vital nutrients to replenish and replace everything it used over winter. This will allow your grass to bounce back earlier in spring and grow unrestricted!

Fertilizer not only encourages growth, but also helps enhance your lawn's color!

Weed control treatments will eliminate weeds so your lawn can thrive uninhibited.

A professional spraying post emergent weed control treatment in Mesa, AZ.

Weeds are a constant thorn in any property owner's side, and because many weeds also are dormant over winter, it can be easy to forget about them until they've already taken hold of your landscape. Instead of waiting to act until you see weeds sprouting – which means they've already gotten a grip on your lawn – stop them in their tracks with pre-emergent weed control after winter. That will prevent weeds from fully sprouting, stopping their growth before you even see them! If weeds are already in your lawn, you'll want to eliminate them with post-emergent treatments. By eliminating weeds from your lawn, your grass will be able to thrive since it won't have to compete with weeds for nutrients.

Encourage thick, healthy growth and better nutrient access with core aeration.

Aeration cores taken out of an aerator in Chandler, AZ.

Compacted soil can bring down any lawn, no matter how healthy the grass was previously. It can cause stunted growth and thinning grass that struggles to defend itself against pests, weeds, and disease. The solution to this is core aeration! Aerating your lawn will relieve soil compaction and improve nutrient access for the deep roots of your grass. This encourages thicker, lush growth in your lawn and better defenses against threats to its health! With post-winter aeration, your lawn will be in the best state possible to receive and store nutrients and prepare itself for the next seasonal challenge: the summer heat.

Support your lawn post-winter. Call us today to schedule fertilization, weed control, and aeration!

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