As Temperatures Rise, So Do the Chances for Lawn Diseases

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As Temperatures Rise, So Do The Chances For Lawn Diseases

There are a lot of amazing outdoor activities to look forward to with the warmer weather, but don't forget about your lawn just yet! The transition from winter to summer here in Arizona can cause many lawn diseases, so make sure you stay vigilant. You'll want to keep an eye out for common disease red flags on your lawn like brown patches and discolored grass so that you can catch any issues early on before your lawn takes a beating. Common diseases to watch for during this time are root rot, brown patch, and damping off. With your lawn well taken care of, you'll be able to enjoy your time outdoors this summer with the confidence that your lawn will be disease-free.

Your Lawn Will Be Vulnerable To Disease In The Transition Of Winter To Summer.

Although summer is notorious for being a great growing season, keep in mind that after winter, your lawn will be in a fragile state. It's just been through dormancy, rationing out nutrients to stay alive during the coldest weather of the year. The warmer weather will be welcomed, but your grass isn't the only thing that enjoys it – many lawn diseases do too. These warmer temperatures can allow fungi and mold to fester in a hotter environment and spread throughout your lawn. With your grass not yet at its full strength and hotter temperatures on the horizon, the transition point between winter to summer can be very disease-forward, so be sure to stay vigilant!

Watch Out For Common Signs Of Disease Like Brown Patches, Discolored Grass, And More.

When lawn disease threatens your grass, you'll want to catch it as early as possible to prevent further damage from being done to your lawn. Stay well-versed on common red flags so that you can start treatment ASAP! Before you dismiss brown patches of grass as a watering issue, take some time to consider why surrounding grass may not be affected. Is it an improper watering zone, or a disease starting to spread? The same can be said for discolored grass. Any areas that have irregular grass coloration or death could indicate a larger problem and should be investigated with a close eye!

Seedlings not growing well in their environment despite having the resources necessary to do so is another indicator of disease.

Root Rot, Brown Patch, And Damping Off Are Lawn Diseases Common In Our Area.

In our area, we have many diseases that threaten lawns during this transitionary time. Some common diseases we see are:

  • Root rot: This fungus kills the roots of your grass directly and can be unnoticeable until it's already well established in the lawn
  • Damping off: This disease affects seedlings and can cause sparse emergence of seedlings and slow establishment.
  • ... and more!

Battling Lawn Disease? We Can Help! Call Us Today To Schedule Your Lawn Disease Treatment.

If you are struggling with a lawn disease currently or suspect you may have more going on than meets the eye, we can help! At Little John's Lawns, our promise to you is that we'll go above and beyond to see success in your lawn. Our team members are passionate about seeing lawns thrive and reach their highest potential, so we make sure to stay up-to-date on threats to their health. Our curative lawn disease treatments will take the legs out from under the disease and we can provide aftercare like fertilization to get your lawn back in tip-top shape. Our services are available to commercial, residential, and HOA property owners in Gilbert, Chandler, Mesa, and nearby cities in Arizona. Call today to schedule your lawn disease treatment!