Are Chafer Beetles Destroying Your Turf? Here’s What To Do!

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Are Chafer Beetles Destroying Your Turf? Here’s What To Do!

Chafer beetles are lawn insects that are commonly found in Arizona. During their grub stage, they will feed on the roots of your grass and cause extensive damage to your turf. If there are irregular brown patches of dead grass on your lawn, you may have a chafer beetle infestation. If that's the case, you should schedule curative treatments immediately to eliminate them so that they can't cause any further damage to your lawn. Then, you can help your turf recover by investing in lawn care services, such as fertilization, aeration, and overseeding. These services are vital to helping your lawn recover and rebuilding its strength after a chafer beetle infestation. Continue reading to learn more about chaffer beetles and what you should do if they are infesting your turf!

What Are Chafer Beetles And What Kind Of Damage Can They Do?

Chafer beetles are pesky lawn insects that are commonly found throughout Arizona. After they hatch, chafer grubs will start feeding on the roots of your grass, which can cause serious damage to your turf. That's because as they eat, they can destroy the root system of your lawn, leaving your grass unanchored to the soil. This can result in brown patches of dead grass popping up all over your lawn.

Signs your lawn is infested with chafer beetles include your turf feeling spongy when you walk on it, and being able to lift up your lawn like a carpet.

Schedule Curative Chafer Beetle Treatments For Your Lawn

Chafer beetles will continue to populate and inflict damage on your lawn if left untreated. Once you identify a chafer beetle infestation, you should schedule curative treatments for your lawn right away. Curative chafer beetle treatments will eliminate the infestation, preventing these insects from causing further damage to your turf.

You should schedule preventative chafer beetle treatments next year so you won't have to worry about them infesting your lawn!

Invest In Lawn Care Services To Help Your Turf Recover

While curative treatments are necessary for eliminating existing chaffer beetles on your property, you still need lawn care services to help your turf recover from the damage that they caused. Some lawn care services you can schedule to help your lawn recover include:

  • Fertilization - Fertilization will supply your lawn with the nutrients it needs to thrive. These nutrients will help it grow healthy, durable grass and develop a strong root system after suffering at the mouths of chafer beetles.
  • Aeration - Core aeration will loosen compacted soil and give the roots of your grass better access to water, sunlight, and nutrients. These essential resources will help your lawn recover.
  • Overseeding - Overseeding fills in patchy and bare areas with healthy, new grass growth. A dense, thick lawn is more durable and resistant to infestations in the future.

The 3 main nutrients that are included in most fertilizers are nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus.

Is Your Lawn Suffering From A Chafer Beetle Infestation? Call To Sign Up For Our Chafer Beetle Control Service!

If your lawn is suffering from a chafer beetle infestation, you have come to the right place! At Little John's Lawns, we understand how troublesome chafer beetles can be. We offer both preventative and curative chafer beetle control treatments. We can also help your lawn recover from any damage these pests have caused with our fertilization, aeration, and overseeding services.

We offer our chafer beetle control service to residential, commercial, and HOA properties in and around Gilbert, Chandler, and Mesa, AZ, providing effective pest control in Gilbert, Arizona. Call us today to sign up for our chaffer beetle control service. We look forward to working with you!