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3 Ways You're Accidentally Attracting Mosquitoes To Your Property


With mosquito populations on the rise in Arizona, we must stay vigilant about what could be attracting them to our properties to avoid a mosquito takeover! Standing water is necessary for mosquito eggs to hatch, so if there is standing water on your property, that is exactly what female mosquitoes are looking for. While it may seem like it would be useless to mosquitoes, debris on your lawn like leaf piles will trap moisture and provide shelter for mosquitoes to hunker down and get cozy on your property. Even tall grass will give mosquitoes refuge from the elements that would otherwise deter them from settling somewhere.

1. Standing Water Is The Perfect Hatching Location For Mosquito Eggs


Once a female mosquito is ready to lay eggs, she will be on the hunt for stagnant water wherever she can find it. This is because standing water is necessary for mosquito eggs to hatch into larvae. Once they hatch, the larvae will feed on the organic matter in stagnant water and breathe oxygen from the surface. That means bird baths, ponds, tire swings, clogged gutters, trash can lids, and more are perfect locations for pesky mosquitoes to hatch. To be sure that these areas are not being used to the advantage of mosquitoes, check that tire swings, gutters, and trash can lids stay clean and dry! Bubblers will keep your pond from sitting stagnant, and by changing the water in a bird bath regularly, the mosquitoes won't be able to settle in.

Mosquitoes can lay their eggs in as little as a bottle cap of water. Keep an eye out for areas on your property that gather water and don't drain well!

2. Leaf Piles Can Trap Moisture And Create Shelter And Food For Mosquitoes


While surveying your landscape for trouble areas, you may overlook piles of debris on the lawn, thinking mosquitoes would have no use for them. However, mosquitoes love debris! Debris will trap moisture and create a moist, cozy place for mosquitoes to get comfortable on your property. Debris also provides mosquitoes with protection from outside elements and predators, and decaying leaf matter can be food for the larvae! It's a perfect storm that can result in a mosquito infestation, so be sure to clear out yard debris regularly.

3. Tall Grass In The Lawn Will Give Refuge From The Wind For Mosquitoes

Tall grass will function similarly to leaf piles for mosquitoes since their biggest enemy is the wind. Because they're so lightweight, even the slightest breeze can set them flying off course. Tall grass gives them refuge from the wind and other elements, where they can hunker down until the wind settles and they can travel safely again. On top of removing hiding places for mosquitoes, keeping your grass mowed will increase the aesthetic appeal of your lawn, so it's a win-win all around!

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