3 Ways To Keep Cockroaches Out Of Your Home Or Business

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3 Ways To Keep Cockroaches Out Of Your Home Or Business

Cockroaches are one of the more problematic pests for property owners in Arizona, and if you don't take the proper precautions, you can easily find yourself in an ongoing battle trying to keep them out. When trying to keep roaches out of your home or business, you should follow these three simple guidelines. First, clean up any spills or pick up any crumbs immediately. Next, you'll need to ensure that you're not leaving any food out for them to munch on. Finally, you should sign up for a perimeter pest control program. Roaches are very persistent and will make a mad dash for any food or messes you leave out. So, stay extra vigilant by keeping things tidy and hire a professional pest control company to give you that extra layer of protection!

1. Clean Up Any Spills Or Crumbs Immediately

Keeping your home or business clean is one way to help deter roaches from invading your property. Cockroaches are attracted to even the tiniest morsel of food or liquid, and they'll come rushing toward the mess if you don't clean it up promptly. That's why you need to immediately pick up any crumbs or wipe up any spilled liquid. Doing so will go a long way in keeping your property roach-free!

2. Don't Leave Food Out In The Open

Unfortunately, you're inviting roaches into your home or business whenever you leave any food out in the open. Roaches will gravitate toward any leftover food, so you need to eliminate their access as soon as possible. Keeping your food contained can help deter cockroaches from invading your property, which also means putting away pet food. Many property owners may not think that pet food can attract roaches, but it turns out they'll indiscriminately target any food left out. You need to cut off their food supply, so they'll seek nourishment elsewhere.

Keep roaches from infesting your property by keeping your trash cans sealed!

3. Sign Up for a Perimeter Pest Control Program

By far, the best thing you can do to keep roaches out of your property is to sign up for a professional perimeter pest control program. While it's critical to take the steps outlined above, none of those options compete with a professional treatment when it comes to keeping roaches out of your home or business. A professional pest control company will use effective treatments proven to keep cockroaches out. They'll target all the right spots, even the smallest crevices leading into your home or business, to establish a protective barrier of pest control around your property.

What's more, professionals will continue reapplying their treatments throughout the year to ensure there's never a lapse in your coverage. That way, you don't have to worry about these troublesome pests invading your personal space year-round!

Perimeter pest control treatments typically keeps other common pests like ants, house flies, and spiders out of your home or business!

Keep Cockroaches Out Of Your Home Or Business! Call Us To Enroll In Our Perimeter Pest Control Program!

We know how annoying roaches can be, and if you don't get the situation under control quickly, you can potentially find your property overrun with cockroaches. When you sign up for our perimeter pest control program, we will thoroughly inspect your property to ensure we're targeting every potential opening to protect your home or business from roaches and other pests. We service commercial, HOA, and residential properties in the Gilbert, AZ area, including nearby areas such as Chandler and Mesa. Call us today to enroll in our perimeter pest control program and keep these pests out of your home or business!