3 Common Mistakes People Make When Applying Fertilizer Themselves

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3 Common Mistakes People Make When Applying Fertilizer Themselves

If you own a property in Arizona, you'll want to regularly fertilize your lawn to give it the nutrients that it needs to stay vibrant and green throughout the year. However, there are three common mistakes people make when applying fertilizer that should be avoided. For one, you want to avoid applying too much fertilizer at once. Doing so can actually damage your lawn. You also want to make sure you’re double-checking the fertilizer you use because you don’t want to apply the wrong type of fertilizer at the wrong time. And finally, you want to make sure you combine your fertilizer treatment with weed control. A lot of people tend to not use any weed control, and they end up with more weeds overtaking their lawn as a result. Continue reading to learn more about these common mistakes, and why it’s important to avoid them when fertilizing your lawn.

1. Applying Too Much Fertilizer At Once

While applying fertilizer is often beneficial for your grass, you want to make sure you’re not overfertilizing your lawn. When too much fertilizer is administered to your lawn at once, it can cause fertilizer burn, which damages your grass. You can tell if your lawn is damaged from fertilizer burn because it will turn brown. You need to apply a balanced amount of fertilizer to keep your grass from burning. Doing so will ensure your grass gets enough nutrients to grow strong and healthy.

2. Using The Wrong Type Of Fertilizer At The Wrong Time

Another mistake you want to avoid when fertilizing your lawn is using the wrong type of fertilizer at the wrong time. Different fertilizers contain varying amounts of nutrients, which work better at different points in the year. For example, you want to use a fertilizer with a higher percentage of nitrogen in the spring to help your grass green up after emerging from winter dormancy. Meanwhile, you want to use a fertilizer with higher levels of potassium in the summer to boost your lawn’s heat resistance.

Depending on the season, you also need to consider whether you need to use a liquid or a granular fertilizer. Liquid fertilizers work better in the spring when you need your grass to get the nutrients quickly so they can start growing again. Granular fertilizers, on the other hand, work better in the winter when you need to provide your grass with a constant supply of nutrients over the winter season. Knowing what fertilizer to use at different times of the year is key to maintaining a healthy and strong lawn.

All fertilizer is labeled with an N-P-K ratio that tells you its percentage of nutrients. "N" is for nitrogen, "P" is for phosphorus, and "K" is for potassium.

3. Not Combining Fertilizer With Weed Control

The third mistake commonly made is not combining your fertilizer with any sort of weed control. While fertilizer provides your grass with the nutrients it needs to grow and thrive, it’s also providing those same nutrients to any weeds in your lawn. Without applying weed control, those weeds are free to steal nutrients from your grass, which ends up making them stronger while making your grass weaker. By administering weed control, you’ll ensure that all the nutrients from the fertilizer are going to your grass, and not weeds.

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