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Spraying a landscape shrub with pest control treatments in Gilbert, AZ.

Top Tree & Shrub Care in Gilbert, Chandler, & Mesa, AZ

Keep your trees and shrubs in excellent health throughout the year with our top-rated services.

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Professional Tree & Shrub Care Services in Gilbert, Chandler, Mesa, AZ & Nearby Areas

We offer high-quality treatments that will strengthen and protect your trees and shrubs against insects.

Applying pest control treatments to a landscape tree in Chandler, AZ.

Your trees and shrubs are elements that add interest and provide natural focal points to your property. They also need attention and protection from insects and stressful conditions that will ruin their lush appearance. Leave your trees and shrubs to our reliable experts at Little John's Lawns! We offer high-quality fertilization treatments to strengthen your plants, so they don't easily succumb to stressful conditions. Our pros will also create a specialized treatment plan that will cater to what your plants need.

We will also protect your trees and shrubs against insects like spider mites and aphids that can potentially kill your plants. Fret not because our professionals have been providing top-notch services since 2012 in Gilbert, Chandler, Mesa, AZ and nearby communities.

We use granular and liquid fertilizers for your trees and shrubs.

At Little John's Lawns, we are committed to delivering reliable results every time. That is why you can count on our experts to take care of your trees and shrubs by giving them the essential nutrients they need to thrive with our high-quality fertilizer treatments. We use both granular and liquid fertilizers to deliver nutrients to your plants effectively.

Our granular fertilizer treatments will give your trees and shrubs a consistent and steady supply of nutrients as the product gets absorbed by the soil. Meanwhile, our liquid fertilizers ensure there is even application for all your trees and shrubs. Our crew makes sure that we give your trees and shrubs the right mix of fertilizer depending on what nutrient they need and applies the product properly so your plants don't suffer from fertilizer burn!

We Keep Your Plants Protected From Common Insects in Our Area

Aphid pests on a green leaf with holes near Mesa, AZ.

In our area of Gilbert, AZ, insects are a common culprit behind the stress experienced by trees and shrubs. Because our team at Little John's Lawns aims to cultivate healthy and resilient lawns, we offer treatments that will protect your plants from common insects found in our region, such as:

  • Spider mites
  • Aphids
  • Armyworms
  • Bagworms
  • Agave weevils
  • And more!

Our experts will tailor a treatment plan for the specific needs of your trees and shrubs.

With our goal of delivering consistently high-quality service to you, our experts undergo weekly training to keep our knowledge and skills up to date. Because of this, we are equipped and capable of tailoring a treatment plan that will address the specific needs of your trees and shrubs. At each visit, our pros will keep an eye on your plants so we can easily spot early signs of distress. Whether your plants are planted too deep or too shallow, or they are stressed due to the summer heat, we can expertly identify what your plant needs.

We have a certified arborist on our staff with the expertise to look after your trees!

Call our professional team today to schedule our tree and shrub care services!

At Little John's Lawns, we understand the importance of healthy trees and shrubs and their contribution to your property's aesthetics. Who doesn't want to have a yard with lush plants? We're here to help your trees and shrubs thrive! Our team offers treatments to strengthen your plants and protect them against insects that will negatively affect them. We provide our professional tree and shrub care services to commercial and residential properties in Gilbert, Chandler, Mesa, AZ and nearby areas. Call us today at 480-264-5399 to schedule!