Cleaning up your yard is one of the most significant and least expensive transformations that the outside of your property can undergo. We have all heard the term "curb appeal" and nothing improves that faster than simply cleaning up your property. Whether your are putting your home up for sale, just bought your property, or just ready to get it cleaned up so it can start being maintained consistently, a yard cleanup is a simple and cost effective way to immediately improve the curb appeal of your property.

Yard Clean Up services from Little John's Lawns include the following types of work:

  • Mow Grass
  • Edge Lawn
  • Trim Shrubs
  • Tree Trimming (6-8 Ft Clearance)
  • Pull Weeds Over 3"
  • Spray Weeds Under 3"
  • Blow off hardscapes
  • Rake and groom granite area

There are only a few things that will quickly and dramatically improve the overall appearance of your home like cleaning up your yard. What may take you several weeks, working in the evening after work or working on the weekends then having to haul off all of the clippings and debris can typically be completed by our professional yard clean up specialists that have the tools and experience to get the job done in one day. Imagine how it would feel to return home from work at the end of the day and find your whole property looks dramatically better.

Our Yard Clean Up Services Include:

  • One Time Yard Clean Up
  • Spring Clean Up
  • Fall Clean Up