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Aeration & Overseeding Services in Gilbert, Chandler, Mesa, AZ & Nearby Areas

Our skilled crew performs core aeration in the spring and overseeding in the fall to help you grow thicker, healthier grass.

Dark soil with overseeding service in Gilbert, AZ.

If your grass suddenly becomes slow-growing or has stopped growing altogether, compacted soil is the likely culprit. At Little John's Lawns, we have just the right answer to your problems. Our spring core aeration will relieve soil compaction, allowing essential nutrients, water, and sunlight to reach the roots of your grass easier. We will also overseed your lawn in the fall to promote thicker and healthier grass growth.

Our skilled crew undergoes consistent training to provide quality aeration and overseeding services in the spring and fall for properties in Gilbert, Chandler, Mesa, AZ and nearby cities. Call 480-264-5399 today to schedule!

Relieve Soil Compaction in the Spring With Our Core Aeration Service

Core aeration service at a home in Mesa, AZ.

Core aeration involves creating tiny holes in your soil to relieve it from compaction. Soil compaction causes several issues like slow-growing turf that doesn't have enough access to water, sunlight, and essential nutrients. Core aeration will loosen your soil so the roots of your grass can receive everything they need to grow deep and robust.

Lawns in Arizona have warm-season grasses like bermudagrass, which is why we offer core aeration in the spring. We can perform core aeration from March to May, helping your warm-season grass come out of winter dormancy and gear up for the summer heat.

When the weather starts to warm up in the spring, we will cut down your cool-season ryegrass as it goes dormant. Cutting it down will pave the way for the healthy growth of warm-season bermudagrass that will provide your yard with a verdant lawn in the spring, summer, and fall. When we aerate your lawn, we make sure to minimize damage to the rhizomes (root stalks) of your grass.

We recommend getting core aeration services annually to loosen up the soil in your lawn and make way for stronger grass.

We will overseed your lawn in the fall to create stunning green grass in the winter.

Winter rye grass with overseeding and aeration near Chandler, AZ.

After aerating your lawn in the spring, we can return to your property in the fall, starting from late September to October, to overseed your lawn. During this period, temperatures are beginning to cool down, and the bermudagrass is starting to go dormant. Overseeding encourages the growth of a thicker and lush lawn, so we make sure to overseed with ryegrass so your yard will have no unsightly thin spots in winter. Aside from having verdant grass in the middle of winter, ryegrass is an outstanding grass because of these reasons:

  • Its extensive root system combats erosion.
  • Ryegrass boosts soil fertility by storing nitrogen.
  • Its quick germination rate and dense root system protect your turf from weed growth.

Winter ryegrass germinates and shoots seedlings quickly, giving you stunning green grass. Once the ryegrass has established itself, make sure to give your lawn about 0.5 to 1.5 inches of water per week to keep your grass happy!

Schedule our core aeration and overseeding services today!

At Little John's Lawns, we will aerate your warm-season lawn in the spring to encourage the healthy growth of bermudagrass as we head into the summer season. Then, once fall rolls around, we can return to overseed with cool-season grass to ensure that you have a healthy, green lawn year-round. Our highly-trained team has provided high-quality and top-rated services for nearly 2,000 properties around Arizona, and yours could be next. If you are looking to get aeration and overseeding services in Gilbert, Chandler, Mesa, AZ and nearby communities, call our professionals today at 480-264-5399 to schedule our services.