OUR 100% NO RISK GUARANTEE… means absolutely 100% no risk to try us.

WE SHOW UP WHEN WE SAY… and provide you with prior notification through either email or voicemail

YOU CAN CALL US ANYTIME…  We are always available or will get back to you quickly

WE CARE ABOUT THE DETAILS… and have strict guidelines we set for ourselves to ensure the highest degree of customer satisfaction. 

WE CARE ABOUT YOU… and work hard to ensure your satisfaction.

WE CARRY WORKER’S COMP… If an employee is injured on your property, it’s covered!

WE ARE LICENSED SPECIALISTS… our management and staff are all professionals.

WE ARE FRIENDLY … We make working with us a pleasant experience

WE HAVE EXTENSIVE EXPERIENCE… and we are family owned! 

​WE HAVE THE HIGHEST RATINGS… in Gilbert. Just ask our customers!

We understand the needs of the community because not only do we provide service and a work in the area, but we are also residents of Gilbert for the past 20 years.  We are also active members of the community!  John, when not working, is a football coach for his son’s flag and tackle team.  His wife, Nikki who is also involved in the business is a local dance instructor.   We love where we live and want not only our customers, but our neighbors to enjoy this incredible place. With the amount of activities and busy lives we all live, who has time and/or wants to maintain their yard?  That’s where we come in! Not only will we do a great job on your maintenance but we also provide consistent service with outstanding communication.  That’s what John has brought to the lawn care industry.  With John’s background as firefighter both professionally and volunteer in California, he brings the same standards to the landscape maintenance industry in Arizona. 

We are not a “fly by night” lawn care company. If there is ever a challenge, if you have a frustration, we will be here to fix it… to make it right. You can always count on us to do whatever it takes and we stand behind 100% of our work. Every time.

We are all about the customer coming first. We strive to have excellent customer service with affordable prices. We communicate by email!  Should there ever be a rain delay or extreme weather change, you will know about it. Credit cards make it easy and convenient and that’s what we are all about! Our customers love being on auto pay!